Upcoming Performances in Florida

Sat January 24 at 4:00, The Dali Museum, St Petersburg, FL:  Eliza will be performing in a collaboration with Fuzion Dance Company and Kristin O’neal in a piece co-directed by Eliza and Leymis Bolanos Wilmott.  The piece is a Response to and a Riff  on  the current exhibition – Picasso / Dali, Dali / Picasso. Still Life, Object as Body, Body as Form, Form and Emptiness, Bending Time, The Underbelly, The Face of War – these 2 painters turned the world, and it keeps on turning in this performance.

Sunday March 1 at 5:00, The Crocker Church 12th st and Cocoanut in Sarasota, Florida: Eliza will be debuting her solo O Let Me Just Be the Greek Whore that I Am in the first annual Sarasolo Festival. An evolution of On Est Deshabille Eliza continues to craft her story in search of a grammar for the human animal. Join a woman and her stick – part warrior, part creature, part housewife – on an absurd adventure born out of Rock + Roll and teetering toward Clown. In a fragile and ferocious feast of human spirit this performance delights and thrives in the territory of sound song text and body.

at the Asolo Rep Conservatory

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Here is a photo of expanded version of on est deshabille, a comedy about death performed this past summer at the Berkshire Fringe in Great Barrington MA. Will Barnet, Debra Disbrow, Eliza Ladd and Cassandra Weston appear here. We were accompanied by the masterful Ian Smit (guitar) and Eddie Gwormley (drums)

Currently I am in Sarasota Florida teaching Movement for the Actor and Dance at the Asolo Rep MFA Conservatory for Actor Training. It is wonderful. Check out this video interview in the Sarasota Observer of me as the movement coach for David Ives’ School for Lies. The show opens this week. Also, check out this new reel – some selections of my performance work in progress from:  on est deshabille, bucket and stick, and elephants and gold.

Beauty, I’m Interested

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on est deshabille, a comedy about death is selected for performance at Berkshire Fringe in Great Barrington MA , Aug 2-5.  The new iteration of the solo work involves an ‘American Greek Chorus’ performing movement, song, text, and live visual art. Live musicians as well, the great Eddie Gormley and the wonderful Ian Smit accompany. No longer a solo.

Upcoming Workshops offered by my Colleagues and Teachers: Primitive Voice – Jean Rene Toussaint (May 25+26, Jun 15+16) and Parallel Realities – Coly Vulpiani (July 12+13)

Isn’t this a beautiful photo? It was taken by Marianne Miller from In Quest of Virtuosity Workshop (Work In Progress Performance at Dixon Place Mar 14)

The New Year

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Check out this photo from Bucket and Stick.

This winter I am hosting a workshop in Parallel Realities Practice given by Coly Vulpiani — this work embraces Stillness Meditation and Voice Dialogue in the Alchemy of Self Healing. I have found it to be illuminating, expansive and practical. Also this winter I am beginning rehearsal for The Autobiography of the Human Animal, an expansion of creatures, stories and songs birthed in my solo on est deshabille, a comedy about death. Let us discuss how we are evolving . . the function of language . . that which is primal . . .

on est deshabille, a comedy about death

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Join a woman and her stick, part warrior part creature part housewife, on an absurd adventure born out of Rock-and-Roll and teetering toward Clown. O what a fragile and ferocious feast of human spirit.

Check out video of on est deshabille, a comedy about death, excerpts from United Solo, Performance Mix, Joyce Soho and Dixon Place.

written, created and performed by Eliza Ladd

When emotional wilderness meets stage presence, timing meets music, and sounds meet vibration, then you meet Eliza: sparkling theatricality. Giovanni Fusetti, Master Clown

Ladd, who channels a galumphy woman carrying a big stick, draped in tragic Frederick’s of Hollywood bargain bin and knee pads down to high-heeled slippers with marabou poofs, steals my heart.
Chris Dohse, know your own bone

Eliza Ladd kept me on the edge of my seat as she shifted from being a shaman to a Brooklyn kvetch to a crooner belting out a raw song from the depths. The miracle is that it all fit together like a gourmet meal.
Karen Bernard, New Dance Alliance

Big Exit flying at Dixon Place and Earlham College

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I love this poster. We will be performing Big Exit at Dixon Place on Monday March 26th at 7:30 and then taking it to Earlham College in Indiana. Come see this wild and controlled, bird and cowgirl duet exploration of work and freedom and listening in the moment.

Also, I will be further developing on est deshabille for Dixon Place on June 18th.  The show in Performance Mix festival was wonderous. Video coming soon.

on est deshabille solo and other

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Having come off a wonderful development of on est deshabille, a comedy about death for the United Solo Theater Festival, I will be continuing that process this winter spring for performance of an excerpt in the Performance Mix Festival at the Joyce Soho on March 15.  Also, Sara Zimmerman and I are continuing to develop Big Exit, performing Mar 26 at Dixon Place and April 3 at Earlham College.  And, I will be participating in a mixed discipline collaboration at the E|Merge Residency at Earthdance in February.

on est deshabille: see slideshow see video see project description more on youtube

Upcoming Performance St Ann’s, Solo and more

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Come see me as Sentinel in Karen O’s Stop the Virgens at St. Ann’s Warehouse October 12 -22. A wild Ride with rocking!! music.  Also, my solo show on est deshabille, a comedy about death is in development right now for a one night first showing in the United Solo Theatre Festival at Theatre Row.  Oct 31 7:30. 50 mins.

Upcoming Performance: Big Exit in collaboration with Sara Zimmerman at the Chocolate Factory, Dec 6 and on est deshabille next march in the Performance Mix Festival at the Joyce Downtown.

performance + projects = check it out

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I invite you to come to Figment Festival June 11 and 12 on Governor’s Island where I will be collaborating and performing in Sara Zimmerman’s Big Exit. Also, please check out slideshow from a Live Sound Action Community Project I did this spring funded by the Puffin Foundation and Young Audiences NY.  I found myself to be at peace with my peers in a circle of five year olds and, I was also astonished by the silence of concentration in the room when these kids played in mirror flock with their parents in a family workshop. Also, please view a video excerpt from a Contemplative Dance Practice (CDP-NYC) public sharing we did in April.  This summer I am going to be further developing on est deshabille as well as initiating a new ensemble piece titled:  conjoined.

on est deshabille

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on est deshabille, a comedy about death premiered at the Joyce Soho as a Work in Progress as a part of the Field’s Emerging Artist Residency, supported by the Tides Foundation. The show is now in further development.  see video see slideshow

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