ATHE 2023:

*Digging, Transforming, and Emerging: Performance Praxes as Spiritual Interventions
Selected by ATHE leadership to be a Keystone Session for the conference Building from the Rubble: Centering Care, Digging, Transforming, and Emerging: Performance Praxes as Spiritual Interventions, an experiential workshop collaboration with Dr. Beth Osnes of the University of Colorado and Religion and Theater group leader Evangeline Jiminez.

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Agridulce/Bittersweet 2022-23 Sarasota FLA

A devised theater performance centering the Latinx experience in Sarasota crafted in collaboration by the artists of CreArte Latino Cultural Center and students of New College, directed by Carolina Franco (Artistic Director of CreArte Latino Cultural Center), Diego Villada (Assistant Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies at New College) and Eliza Ladd (Associate Professor of Movement and Physical Theater at the FSU / Asolo Conservatory). This project was funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and performed at New College Black Box, Arcadia Community Center, CreArte Lastino Cultural Center, and Sarasota Contemporary Museum in Sarasota Fl, 2023.

Video, Agridulce/Bittersweet Program, Agridulce/Bittersweet Press Announcement

ATHE 2022:

*Rehearsing the Possible: Practicing Reparative Creativity ATHE 22, Detroit MI
In collaboration with faculty from Purdue University and Columbia College Chicago, I was selected to offer Bringing Resilience and Vitality to Body and Practice, a workshop presentation.

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ATHE 2021:
*Re-Evaluating Teaching Theatre What Still Holds True in a Pandemic?
This panel investigates the potential benefits and discoveries of instructing and creating theatre in online, hybrid, and modified forms amidst Covid-19, Eliza presents her workshop Work/ Play/Work: Creating Room for the Nervous System on Zoom

ATHE 2020:
*Human Beings in Motion: Presence, Connection and Communion – specific to Zoom instruction and
*Tools for Creating Site Specific Theater: A Dialogue with Space and Substance – specific to Zoom instruction

ATHE 2019:
*Cultivating Wellness in the Classroom: Working with the Fluctuating Transitional Nature in Student Mental Health – This workshop explores the physical practices of Barbara Dilley as a means to address the rising levels of stress and anxiety amongst students
*Exploring, Creating, Representing: The Diverse Performing Body -A workshop for performers and movement teachers to explore approaches to binary and non-binary gendered movement in live performance

ATHE 2018:
*The Revolutionary Act of Touch: hands-on physical partner exercises as a vital part of presence
and performance training for the current generation of actors and human beings

ATHE 2017:
*Millennial Panel: The Way of the Dinosaurs and Why People Love it — The Transformative Process of Movement Theater: How play and exploration liberate us from minimized linear screen based engagement and cultivate a multi dimensional embodied presence willing to risk and feel.