ATHE 2021:
*Re-Evaluating Teaching Theatre What Still Holds True in a Pandemic?
This panel investigates the potential benefits and discoveries of instructing and creating theatre in online, hybrid, and modified forms amidst Covid-19, Eliza presents on her workshop Work/ Play/Work: Creating Room for the Nervous System on Zoom

ATHE 2020:
*Human Beings in Motion: Presence, Connection and Communion – specific to Zoom instruction and
*Tools for Creating Site Specific Theater: A Dialogue with Space and Substance – specific to Zoom instruction

ATHE 2019:
*Cultivating Wellness in the Classroom: Working with the Fluctuating Transitional Nature in Student Mental Health – This workshop explores the physical practices of Barbara Dilley as a means to address the rising levels of stress and anxiety amongst students
*Exploring, Creating, Representing: The Diverse Performing Body -A workshop for performers and movement teachers to explore approaches to binary and non-binary gendered movement in live performance

ATHE 2018:
*The Revolutionary Act of Touch: hands-on physical partner exercises as a vital part of presence
and performance training for the current generation of actors and human beings

ATHE 2017:
*Millennial Panel: The Way of the Dinosaurs and Why People Love it — The Transformative Process of Movement Theater: How play and exploration liberate us from minimized linear screen based engagement and cultivate a multi dimensional embodied presence willing to risk and feel.