GRAVITY and LEVITY – Livestream

Gravity and Levity – A Journey in Five Small Acts

In-Studio Series, Sarasota Contemporary Dance – Livestream

Written and Performed by Eliza Ladd

It took 400 million years to go from quadruped to biped, and now this?

How to move, how to eat, how to fly — join a very particular creature on a shape-shifting journey to die for.

Livestream from Sarasota Contemporary Dance

Friday, February 12th at 7:30

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Tigers Above and Tigers Below – New Music New College

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Tigers Above and Tigers Below

New Music New College
New College Black Box Theatre Feb 15 8:00, Feb 16 8:00, Feb 17 3:00
(pre-concert talk half hour before each show)


In this new commission, Eliza will create a live sound action score with New College students. Ladd’s approach, at once visual, aural and physical, combines the sounds of objects and human movement with layers of primitive voice and song. Here we are. What are we going to do?

Selfie of the Ancients – NMNC in Feb.

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Selfie of the Ancients: Eliza Ladd and New College Students,  Feb 11 – 14   New Music New College


At once visual, aural and physical, this performance — combining the sounds of objects and human movement with layers of primitive voice and song — reflects our primordial musicality.

Fundamentally concerned with the act of making sound, the relationship between sound and movement, and the ways in which sound articulates visible and invisible space, Eliza composes music rooted in the forms of sculpture and percussion.

In January and February, Eliza will work with New College students to create a score of “Live Sound Action” (her theatrical approach to composition and performance). Selfie of the Ancients will be the result of this score, combined with her own performance of primitive voice and song.

Reviving the original function of performance as a way in which to find ourselves, and to experience our birthright as creators


Aspects of some earlier works: Elephants and Gold – a contemporary musical; Cosmological Composition – a workshop on composing with object, sound, body, and space; Bucket and Stick – a sound dance with buckets and sticks and humans; and, Tribal Epic – improvisational practice with live band and dance scores, will inform Selfie of the Ancients — a new work curated to be a part of the New Music New College series at New College in Sarasota 2015 – 16 season.

I will be working with New College students in Live Sound Action to devise the piece. I will also be performing a vocal score devised from somatic experience of the fluid systems of the body – sounds wild right? Sourcing from the body, trusting the unknown, belonging to a tribe, working with beginners – these things are part of our birthright. The title ‘Selfie of the Ancients‘– its about witnessing who are we really – In these precarious times? I mean, if we really want to look at ourselves, what if we went way back — to animal, to tribe, to underbelly function of the species, back to when we used sound and vibration to locate ourselves (like the Dolphins and echolocation).

The piece will be part liturgy, part search, part celebration, and it will include visual, physical, and aural composition — part of what ‘new music’ is. I compose with the dualities:  light / dark, sound / silence, movement / stillness. Without the two, we cannot perceive or grasp change or meaning — if there is no silence between the sounds, I don’t get the contour or transformation of the song. Similarly, if there is no stillness, it is hard for me to receive the movement. My composition is a process of articulating the dualities through what I call the 4 R’s: Rhythm, Repetition, Responsivity and Relationship.

In Buddhism the dualities would be called Absolute / Relative or Non-Ordinary / Ordinary — and the thing is — how do we not to careen to one side or the other? how can we actually be in the ‘all at once’. How can I circle a stone on the ground, an ordinary act, and yet, the Absolute arises. This is my goal in creation. To somehow be and express something that is Absolute and Relative – dissolving the division between the two and making something that exists as a unity. And, this unity is also our birthright, Ahh, and it is challenging.  More to come soon as the creation process unfolds. Who was it who talks about music being a unity?

Upcoming Performances in Florida

Sat January 24 at 4:00, The Dali Museum, St Petersburg, FL:  Eliza will be performing in a collaboration with Fuzion Dance Company and Kristin O’neal in a piece co-directed by Eliza and Leymis Bolanos Wilmott.  The piece is a Response to and a Riff  on  the current exhibition – Picasso / Dali, Dali / Picasso. Still Life, Object as Body, Body as Form, Form and Emptiness, Bending Time, The Underbelly, The Face of War – these 2 painters turned the world, and it keeps on turning in this performance.

Sunday March 1 at 5:00, The Crocker Church 12th st and Cocoanut in Sarasota, Florida: Eliza will be debuting her solo O Let Me Just Be the Greek Whore that I Am in the first annual Sarasolo Festival. An evolution of On Est Deshabille Eliza continues to craft her story in search of a grammar for the human animal. Join a woman and her stick – part warrior, part creature, part housewife – on an absurd adventure born out of Rock + Roll and teetering toward Clown. In a fragile and ferocious feast of human spirit this performance delights and thrives in the territory of sound song text and body.