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Upcoming Performances in Florida

Sat January 24 at 4:00, The Dali Museum, St Petersburg, FL:  Eliza will be performing in a collaboration with Fuzion Dance Company and Kristin O’neal in a piece co-directed by Eliza and Leymis Bolanos Wilmott.  The piece is a Response to and a Riff  on  the current exhibition – Picasso / Dali, Dali / Picasso. Still Life, Object as Body, Body as Form, Form and Emptiness, Bending Time, The Underbelly, The Face of War – these 2 painters turned the world, and it keeps on turning in this performance.

Sunday March 1 at 5:00, The Crocker Church 12th st and Cocoanut in Sarasota, Florida: Eliza will be debuting her solo O Let Me Just Be the Greek Whore that I Am in the first annual Sarasolo Festival. An evolution of On Est Deshabille Eliza continues to craft her story in search of a grammar for the human animal. Join a woman and her stick – part warrior, part creature, part housewife – on an absurd adventure born out of Rock + Roll and teetering toward Clown. In a fragile and ferocious feast of human spirit this performance delights and thrives in the territory of sound song text and body.