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welcome to my site going live for the first time

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This site is just going out live NOW, so no longer will it be only the wonderful designer, Alex Miles Younger, and I who see and explore it.  I would love it if you travelled around the space, followed the map, sat in the garden,  – there is quite a deep and wide architecture here.  Please check out the Performance, Teaching, and About Me pages, and all their little children who act like rivers, tributaries, and passageways.  There is even a secret apartment or two somewhere in this place.  It’s like a treasure hunt, you can see beautiful things, find eggs, and, learn about what I am doing and what I have done.  I actually do want to interact with humans, so, if it is YOU I am talking to across these spatial wires, let me know your response to something you have experienced here.



Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you soon.  Eliza.

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