Rooted in sculpture and percussion and developed through the sensibility of the actor, Live Sound Action is a multi-disciplinary form for composition, choreography, sound design, and the writing of original performance.

Live Sound Action transports the act of storytelling to a place beyond the intellect, locating it in the underbelly. Engaging the performer in ordinary actions – dragging, washing, rubbing – with ordinary objects – piles of stones, buckets of water, rusty chains — images that are physical, aural, visual, and emotional arise and act as seeds of epic storytelling.

This theater making practice of body, object, and sound, activates the actor / audience relationship in storytelling, trains the actor in composition (physical, visual, emotional, and aural) and develops theatrical language that can stand on its own or be paired with text or play.  Skills and awareness from this practice can be directly applied to scene work, rehearsal process, play with language, and the creation of original theater.

touch tactile texture / rhythm responsivity relationship  / gesture shape archetype

(See further articulation in LSA: Cosmological Composition and Live Sound Action Statement

Live Sound Action has been funded by Puffin Foundation, practiced in collaboration with Tectonic Theater Project, and offered at Earthdance, Earlham College, and Henry Street Settlement among other places.