I am singer, actor, and creator of original theater. I work from the physical, make sound, and play in the field of epic expression. I write and sing Rock and Roll, speak the text of Shakespeare, and create multi-disciplinary performance. Please check out my performance resume.

An edited reel of solo show written and performed by Eliza Ladd at Sarasota Festival, Sarasota, FL — Join a woman and her stick in search of a grammar for the human animal – part warrior, part creature, part housewife – on an absurd adventure born out of Rock-and-Roll and teetering toward Clown.

Written, Directed, and Performed by Eliza Ladd

on est deshabille, a comedy about death

United Solo Theater Festival, Performance Mix Festival, Dixon Place, Joyce Soho

2012, written and performed by Eliza ladd

Join a woman and her stick, part warrior part creature part housewife, on an absurd adventure born out of Rock-and-Roll and teetering toward Clown.

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eandgthreethumb2Elephants and Gold 3

The Berkshire Fringe, Gt. Barrington, MA

Aug 2009

cast: Margot Bassett, Vincent DeGeorge, Nichi Douglas, Stephanie Fittro, Eliza Ladd,Adam Patterson, Ian Smit

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Elephants and Gold 2: Boulders in My Belly

Naropa University, Colorado, 2008

cast: Margot Bassett, Meyung Kim, Eliza Ladd, Barrett Ogden, Cara Reeser, Bradley Spann

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An ensemble performance of song, species, and wit inspired by the conflict between elephants and humans, this poetic music play plunges the audience into an archeological excavation of human identity.

My Name is Candelabra and I Love You, by Candelabra Coqondebra

PAC Theater, Boulder, CO, 2008

cast: Eliza Ladd, (and lots of other acts with other clowns)

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A red nose clown exploration of the vibrations of utter desire, need, grief, and joy.


070818_elephantsandgold_01_2Elephants and Gold 1

Boulder International Fringe Festival, CO, 2007, winner of the Audience Encore Award

cast: Margaret Jansen, Earl Kim, Eliza Ladd, Marcin Mroz, Cynthia Ward, Miriam Wolodarski

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An earthy excavation of  Live Sound Action, soothsayer wit, and physical song .


Chicken Man

Chicken Man: Who Does the Dirty Work?, I Do.

Naropa University, Colorado, 2007

cast: Eliza Ladd, (part of a larger piece made in collaboration with Teresa Harrison, Ross Pasquale, Cynthia Ward, and Damaris Webb.)

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Chicken Man emerged out of a Moment Work investigation of monstrous behavior, the icon of the monster, and Frankenstein.

Four Ways of Living

Four Ways of Living: A Song-Dance

Naropa University, Colorado, 2006

cast: Eliza Ladd, Nicolee Nazeemi, Miriam Wolodarski

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A raucus choreography of song and character.


 Archived Performance Works: Multi-Disciplinary Performance

NYC, performance work up until 2000

casts: Eliza Ladd (known at this time as Eliza Schwarz), Deborah Corn, Suzanne Gallant, Margaret Hallisey, Emily  Hartzell

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This video includes excerpts of work made at PS 122, Dia Center for the Arts, Ubu Rep, Movement Research, and  Dixon Place. This work was funded in part by a Franklin Furnace Emerging Artist Grant.

webvalleyThe Valley

PS 122, Ubu Rep, NYC, 1998

cast: Eliza Ladd


This material on video was performed and projected live using a robot -eye fish-eye lens camera. It represents one of the elements of the performances.

patiencemy-bloodPatience My Blood

Franklin Furnace in Exile at Dixon Place, NYC

cast: Deb Corn, Suzanne Gallant, Margaret Hallisey, Emily Hartzell, Eliza Ladd


Fruit Bearing Branch,

PS 122, Ubu Rep, NYC

cast: Anne Harrison, Eliza Ladd, Adam Vane





tree_thumbBlue Bags

PS 122, Hot House, NYC

cast: Eliza Ladd




boulderscardBoulders in my Belly,

Dixon Place, Mulberry Street Theater, NYC

cast: Deb Corn, Marc Dale,Paul Feldman, Suzanne Gallant, Eliza Ladd




pass-me-throughcardPass Me Through the Holed Stone

Dixon Place(funded in part by by F. F  Grant), NYC

cast: Eliza ladd




tree_thumb2Blue bag Mountain

Movement Research at the Knitting Factory, NYC

cast: Eliza Ladd




landing2card_0001The Landing

Dia Center for the Arts Downtown, NYC

cast: Eliza Ladd