Emerging out of the contemplative practice teachings of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche (His Dharma Art Letter, and the principles of Heaven – Earth – Man, distilled from the Japanese Zen Arts traditions) and the Contemplative Dance Practice of Barbara Dilley, The Red Square offers an approach to the theatrical space that is contemplative, physical, and pointing towards an active eye for visual design and composition.  In marking off a designated area, The Red Square, we activate awareness around seeing and being seen. Working in progressions of stillness to movement, emptiness to object, and solo body to larger group configuration, we illuminate our sense of inside and outside eye. Playing with entrance and exit; beginning–middle–end; expanded presence; because of one, two; object allies; and composition, — the roles of actor, director, and audience blur, collaborate, and become clarified in this creative process of storytelling and image making.

(This play then tumbles into Live Sound Action)