Rooted in sculpture and percussion and developed through the sensibility of the actor, Live Sound Action is a multi-disciplinary form for composition, choreography, sound design, and the writing of original performance.

Live Sound Action emerged out of my work in a diverse range of disciplines including sculpture, percussion, Viewpoints, Body Dynamics, Body Mind Centering, Developmental Movement, Capoeira, Red Nose Clown, Grotowski, Linklater, Song, Improvisation, Red Square, Moment Work, and Zen Buddhism.  

Through a process of individual or ensemble play, Live Sound Action offers a process of creating theater that is fundamentally tactile, tangible, and experiential. Any text, topic, body of research, or pile of objects can serve as the source or gateway for a Live Sound Action investigation or curriculum. In alchemy of source and technique, Live Sound Action is a creative process that activates the imagination, builds ensemble, and creates theater. 

Please contact me if you have a specific project or subject of exploration in mind.

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